With a background in journalism and several years of experience doing videography and interview pieces for Neoseeker.com, I continue to take on interesting video projects. Here are a few that I have completed recently.

Play Piercing Safety Video

Elwood is a professional body mod artist with 15 years of experience doing everything from tattoos to piercings, scarification, branding, and more. He and I had discussed working together on a BDSM play-piercing safety video in the past and when my UBC classes offered me a chance to work with professional-quality video gear it was an opportunity too good to pass up.
Enlisting the gorgeous fetish model and actress Jodii Grono as piercee, we spent a few days shooting as Elwood went over the fundamentals of hygiene, safety, and a few tips for needle play at home.
The length of this video project means it is not yet ready for posting, but here are a select few stills from the production to show what is to come.
Elwood, body modification artist and BDSM professional.
Jodii Grono, fetish model, actress, and piercee.
Elwood and Jodii demonstrate a corset piercing.

Thomas the Tank Engine Steampunk Horror

This video is an oddity that came about one day while I lay sprawled, half senseless and ill, on the couch while my youngest watched the abominable Thomas and the Magic Railroad movie three times in one day.
So, of course, this lead to a D&D gaming campain of steampunk horror featuring Thomas and Friends as the villains.
Seriously. It turned into the greatest campaign I ever ran. The players were amazing at diving into their characters, broke out into a musical number in the middle of one session and truly learned what it was to fear Mr. Conductor.
Then, during my UBC audio class I was tasked with taking a video trailer, stripping all the audio and rebuilding it from scratch. I decided to grab the trailer for the Thomas and the Magic Railroad movie, recut the entire thing in Final Cut Pro, then rebuild the audio. My final goal in all this was to create a horror-themed trailer and here's what came of it.

Scott Free Dance Performance

Scott Free is the stage name for this talented performer and artist. I had an opportunity to film a dance number he did at the goth/fetish night club Sin City and then do some post-work on it once my video class had begun. Both versions of the video are on YouTube in Scott's channel so here they are for comparison. As a note, Scott made his own outfit for this dance and is partially responsible for my chainmail pants. The first video is the original, the second has had filters applied to adjust the lighting to make it easier to see Scott. The visibility improved so much you could make out the security staff and I had to ask him if he was ok with being in the video. He was.

MVK: Westward Bound Charity Wrestling Video

While attending Metro Vancouver Kink's Westward Bound BDSM conference in January, 2011 I had a rather unusual opportunity arise. John Baku, CEO of the kink-scene social networking site Fetlife.com, and Boss Bondage, rope bondage expert and professional BDSM instructor, agreed to a charity oil wrestling match.
After speaking with both participants, and the very helpful event coordinators, I arranged to take stills of and videotape the match. After capturing nearly 10 minutes of wrestling action and some fantastic pictures, a victor emerged! Afterwards I was able to edit the footage down to a finished 2.5 minute clip that both John and Boss approved of. The pictures and video were then uploaded to Fetlife, much to the delight of the community!
Due to consent issues regarding posting the video outside of Fetlife, I am unable to post it here. It is linked below though so anybody with a Fetlife account can see the pictures and anybody with a paid Fetlife account can watch the video.