I have, for better or worse, been working in the website business for about 15 years now. This has lead me to being eyebrow deep in all manner of code, scripting and design for projects from the very small to the moderately large. Family put a big break in my industry experience so I took some time with UBC and BCIT to re-train myself. This lead to me building this site and several more. For a look at what I've created, take a look below and click through to a few of my projects.

BCIT - COMP 1850

BCIT Computer Science, COMP 1850, bcit.ca, bcitcomp.ca
My BCIT courses started off with a COMP 1850 class that was, to be honest, frustratingly remedial. The instructor was good enough to share a few extra assignments with me so I could work ahead of the class. This, plus my own studies and exercise during class, lead me to researching a few web design elements I hadn't used before and then to building the following class project.
I will be adding an image to this at the end of my COMP 1850 class but, for now, it is constantly changing so an image would be fairly pointless.
The goal of my work for this class was to learn the elements I want to use for rebuilding the website for Vancouver's viking ship - the Munin.
After some work with HTML, CSS and, finally, PHP, I am happy to have launched the new vikingship.ca website! Go check it out and book yourself for a sail.

Diabetes Sisters

Diabetes Sisters community website for women with diabetes
Working with Ayogo Health I mostly did Project Management work for the flagship product Monster Manor. But, I was also able to work with the team at Diabetes Sisters to help them move forward with the design & functionality of their DiabetesSisters.org website. It was an exercise in learning and using Drupal that I really enjoyed and was able to build some instructional modules for different aspects to help walk the site admins through a number of tasks - from basic site updates to managing their integrated online store.
At the end of my time at Ayogo, the Diabetes Sisters admins had gone from being irritated at some elements of their site and the relationship with Ayogo to being quite happy with the entire affair and better able to manage their own site to meet their business needs.

UBC CSS Assignment

UBC CSS, website, XKCD, pirates
This microsite represents my first use of CSS to manage the look & feel of a site. It's ridiculously rudimentary, but it uses an XKCD comic in a way I'm quite happy with.
Plus, it looks nice and piratey. Yarrr!