chainmail bra, scalemail bra, chain, mail, crafts, custom, costumes.
It was more than 10 years ago when I got my first batch of chainmail supplies and started working on building the classic fantasy armor. Why? Well, because I'm a dork. Apparently I'm pretty committed to the dorkness too because I've stuck with it, learning, getting more supplies, better tools, playing with different patterns, etc...

Nowadays I get commissioned to do custom works, from costume pieces, to jewellry, and even fetish wear for some of my kinkier friends. Here are a few of my projects.

Chainmail Pants

chainmail pants, scale, chain, mail, crafts, custom.
These came from... well I don't know really. A few things came together at once; pants with torn out knees, a box of grommets, a stray patch of tarp, etc, and suddenly these were born. I'm actually wearing them right now.

The tarp backing actually protects the knees from the rough edges of the back of the scales and makes it perfectly comfortable to wear these out & about, even kneeling down is fine. Function over form, thank you very much. If they don't work, what's the point?

Scale Top

chainmail bra, scalemail bra, chain, mail, crafts, custom.
This item is a particular favourite of mine. It was a request from a friend who wanted something that would actually fit properly and look awesome. After repeated fittings, a crash course in leather working for all the straps, and finally hacking apart and installing portions of a bra to provide the top some comfortable backing, it worked.

Comfortable for long periods, adjustable to be as snug as needed, robustly constructed so it will last a long time, and rather well-received. I've seen the wearer out & about in this piece several times and it is very good at catching eyes.

Chainmail Collar

I put this collar piece together in a style similar to a previous piece. The core structure is a nice tight 6-in-1 weave that makes the collar smooth against skin and surprisingly comfortable to wear. If you have a chance to play with a well-made patch I recommend it just for the feel – it's close to liquid steel.

The big difference between this and the previous collar is that this piece has been reinforced with some extra hardware at key points. It also uses a sturdier spring temper steel at other structural points, making it rather ludicrously sturdy and ensuring that there is no need to worry about wear, tear, or breakage. It can also be washed with soap & water to clean it, or even run through the dishwasher if you're feeling lazy. Stainless steel is so much easier to work with than aluminum.
chainmail collar, chain, mail, crafts, custom.
chainmail collar, chain, mail, crafts, custom.