I'm a project manager with experience developing web and mobile technologies in a dynamic, agile, environment. I have broad technical skills, a passion for effective management and a knack for working with people. After a fantastic year with the cutting-edge team at Ayogo Health, I have returned to BCIT to pursue a Comp Sci degree. I also keep myself busy on the boards of 3 organizations. And, in my copious free time, I'm an award-winning writer and an enthusiastic cook!

  • Project Management
  • iOS/Android/Web Production
  • Database Design
  • Client Relations
  • Application UX/UI Design
  • Data Analytics Design
  • Team Management
  • Adobe/Office Suites
  • Technical Writing
  • Development skills: HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, ASP, Photoshop, Flash & Video

Monster Manor UK Launch & Oxford AHSN Pilot Study

Monster Manor iOS Android App for Kids with Type 1 Diabetes MonsterManorUK
Working with a team of artists, designers & developers I coordinated with Sanofi UK and Diabetes UK through developing Ayogo's flagship Monster Manor app into a stand-alone product. Designed for kids & families with Type 1 Diabetes, Monster Manor's development drew the attention of the Oxford Academic Health Science Network who joined the project to undertake a medical evaluation of Monster Manor's efficacy. Working long hours to coordinate with the UK-based clients, the development impressed early testers and culminated with a flawless launch event on October 15th, 2013 where Michael Fergursson (Ayogo CEO) and myself were present via video and Skype to speak to press and families.


Diabetes Sisters community website for women with diabetes
Working with the DiabetesSisters team and clients I helped bring the development of the community website through the final chapter to completion. I commmunicated daily with the client to address and resolve their needs through detailed tutorials, hands-on coding and well-documented research on best solutions. I was especially pleased to be able to take a troubled relationship and bring everybody involved to a solution that left everybody satisfied and positive about the ongoing partnership.


Diabesties iOS app for college students with Type 1 Diabetes
Getting a chance to manage an update to the College Diabetes Network's Diabesties Blood Glucose tracking & messaging app I worked with a dev & QA team to prioritize features, finalize work on outstanding issues and release an updated build.

Ayogo Health - Project Manager & Diabetes Consultant

Working with the cutting-edge team at Ayogo Games I used my game design experience and hands-on expertise with diabetes to design & develop healthcare apps that harness the power of gamification to make a difference to the global community.
  • Project Management
  • UX Design
  • Client Relations
  • TestFlight Admin
  • Game Design
  • Analytics & Data Design
  • Diabetes Consultation
  • Quality Analysis
  • Team Management
  • Behavioural Psychology
  • Copywriting
  • Research: Marketing/Medical/Legal

TBA Digital QA Lead

After interning at TBA Digital I was hired on at the prestigious multimedia production studio and took on a number of roles - copywriter, technical writer and QA lead. I also filled in for the project managers, applying my broad technical knowledge to guide development teams through complex projects.
  • QA Lead & Development
  • Proofing
  • Multimedia Design
  • Project Management
  • Contract Writing
  • Personnel Training
  • Production Coordination
  • Copywriting
  • Concept Development

Grace MacInnis Housing Co-op Project Liaison

I was the coordinator for a 2.5 million-dollar building envelope remediation project; working with engineers, construction crews, and government agencies to complete the project on time and on budget.
  • Project Coordination
  • Documentation Photography
  • Team Integration
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Conflict Resolution

Neoseeker.com Communications Director


I liaised between the editorial staff and the video game industry; gaining the team exclusive access to lead industry titles such as Halo, Dragon Age, Demigod, Sins of a Solar Empire, Shank, and more.

  • Media Relations
  • Wiki Creation
  • Video Editing
  • Content Creation & Direction
  • Event Journalism

Kidzworld.com Web Community Developer

I was a critical part of the team that grew Kidzworld from startup to a thriving tween community.
  • Media Relations for Video Game & Toy Industries
  • Web Design & Development - Perl, HTML, ASP, JavaScript, CGI
  • Office IT – Network Design, Hardware, Software & Staff Training
  • Server Admin – SQL, Email, Windows Webserver

Spaceship Zero Game Designer

I was part of the team that wrote and published the ENnie award-winning Spaceship Zero RPG.
  • Writing & Game Design
  • Public Speaking & Video Interviews

Aaron Webster Housing Coop

I serve as the chair of the board of directors and liaise with the city and engineers to undertake significant building repairs.
  • Seminar Planning
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Policy & Procedure Development

Metro Vancouver Kink

I serve as a Director at Large on the board of directors for this BDSM education and community organization, helping organize and promote events in the Vancouver area.
  • Event Planning
  • Community Relations
  • Newsletter Management
  • Event Production
  • Web Design & Development

Grace MacInnis Housing Coop

I chaired several committees and worked closely with the board of directors.
  • Building Maintenance
  • Budget Planning
  • Trades Coordination

Vancouver Gaming Guild

I co-founded and ran a non-profit organization, liaising with the gaming industry, the local community and businesses to run monthly events, annual conventions and a thriving online site.
  • Event Planning
  • PR & Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Media Relations
  • Community Management

UBC Certificate in Multimedia Studies

I graduated from an intensive UBC multimedia program with an A+ average.
  • Web Design & Development
  • HTML4/5
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • CSS
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Flash
  • Social Media
  • Audio/Video Editing
  • 3D Animation

BCIT Computer Science Degree

2014 - Current
I am earning an A+ average in my BCIT studies with a focus on web & mobile technologies.
  • Applied Web Development
  • Web & Mobile App Development
  • Applied Software Development
  • Computer Systems Certificate
  • Applied Computer Information Systems